Dear enemy/enemies, I see you for what you are, as well as for what you do to people to get what you want out of them.  Then you lie to cover your ass while convincing them they are crazy for seeing you as the predator you are.


This is what happens to Black women, and we get it from all sides, even worse from our own women and men while they welcome white women and men and Black women and men who think like you and behave like you and lie like you.

Who am I saying this to?

If the shoe fits, wear it well and be content to sit in the shithole you made for yourself.

“You” are thus exposed, and curtains have been burnt into ashes.

You know who you are, and I am leaving it to God to deal with you and your “helpers” aka your minions who do the same thing while pretending to be more than the shadowy snake pen slithering its way through our community destroying what’s left of our dreams and hopes.

God Bless you, enemy/enemies, for you know not what you do.  Tell Mama what you did, and ask Her to intercede for you, because if I can see it, everyone else can see it as well.