Why no posts lately? Why the blank pages?

I have not felt inspired, lately.  I have support from my real followers listed here.

However, there are those visitors who know me in the real world, make it a point to check out my blog front page to read and maybe masturbate to my photos or my erotic poetry (some of emails and comments are just straight up trash), but don’t click follow in order to stay in the shadows–and run up my stats looking for gold because I keep moving my posts to private.

This post is to that crowd, and not to those who publicly follow me and give feedback on occasion.

To the  shadow follower/s:

Give me some motivation to spend my energy sharing my mind and heart with you.

I want something more than the ether you use to gaslight folk into not noticing your digital presence.

No picture will be posted today either for the same reason.

Show me something real and honest about you, because at this point, I’m more inclined to keep this blog private for those who are on my follow list to complete my  #30Days poetry/flash fiction project and spend more time on my blog sites focused on my other research/writing projects.

It’s summer and I won’t be encouraging passive-aggressive energy in 2020–it annoys me.  Don’t waste my time.

Speak your truth, or is gaslighting your truth?

Show me something, playa/s.