Does my writing persist in talking about topics you prefer me to not mention?

Read “Laugh of the Medusa” by Helene Cixous, and get an understanding of how my feminism works, why I embraced the idea of women’s writing moving beyond reinforcing heteronormative, male-centered, binary, phallocentric gender performance, why it is so importance for the liberation of women and men from these limits that women and especially Black women write ourselves into the revolution, and of course, look for opportunities to disrupt the dominant paradigm currently chopping us into soylent green.

This is what a feminist looks like.



clitoral strains #30days

an eventide tour into the wind of arousal
running on cornbread and long island tea
a lively car made from a bed needing no gas
climbing hills with green love engine throbbing
like a clitoral kitten moaning cannabic heat
a thundershower however hard it tries
still persists as water falling

animal cat face close up feline