Heat Index of the Diabolical Grape, or Iconoclastic Mold Punch

Puss could fry in this heat
I protested the fierceness of the crematory conditions outside by remaining indoors
day four of me ceasing to inbibe cigarettes
I need clear air to breathe in this hot hell-bound wind
though if you’ve watched as many Hellraiser films as I have
Hell isn’t described as a hot place
it’s a state of mind for the morally corrupt
for those who have chosen to lose their state of Grace
told you I get warped in this heat

would a placenta’s liquid grow firm and rubbery with the introduction of egg-frying heat?

I once saw a teenaged girl’s jelly shoes stick to pavement
115f degree weather in Dallas when I was eleven (church youth group trip)
my brother would wait until it was hot and humid in midwest summery heat
when my parents were away at work
he’d use his chemistry set, a spot of gasoline, and a few bottles
to make his own homemade mini-bombs to smash on the driveway pavement
don’t buy your kids chemistry sets

I used my little Bensen burner to fry marshmallows and
make marshmallow chocolate bar n’ graham sandwiches
smores or ghost egg/ectoplasma gravy
you choose the labels here

ever see the episode of the woman living in the city
while most people had abandoned it in search of colder climates
Twilight Zone
The sun in the picture she painted began to melt
I pray my a/c lives long and hardy these last few weeks
I bleed hard and quick in such heat


Creative Commons License
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International License.

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