enigmatic horizons

conquering my inclination to not engage or see
showing and sharing yourself naked without shame
waging battles against tyranny of melancholy
grasping your soul by its wings from the abyss
along temporal fault lines
folding over and under each other
residual future present haunting shadowing anticipating
you wander wreckage of collapsed walls
waiting to see what pieces of you emerge
wanting to free yourself intact
wanting to return to feeling love
endowed and erect at rebirth
wanting to captivate solidity of life
wanting to savor intrinsic manifestation
an answer to desire’s question uttered
fallacy of your vision as delusion banished
leaving all concerned with a strange truth
delightfully deviant in its corporeal revelation
like a finger of Chango striking oak burning leaves
I am alone gazing bearing witness
watching you transgress my personal space
watching you unravel and reknit threads of the real
walk through the doorway with me
sharing and shaping new stories
let us go outside
our feet will hit the ground
not caring how much it quakes in our wake
folding and unfolding time itself

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