Mother #30days #30days2018 by Cherie Ann Turpin


being a mother more than biological birthing

constant presence of nurturing

women in our lives

who are mothers in spirit

my mother and I are spiritual sisters

my Auntie Carolyn as a second mother

who is also sister in spirit

my sisters in spirit Ollie, Lisa, Vanessa, Rhonda

many other women in my life as mothers and sisters

We do choose how we name mothers in our lives

at least once we’ve left home

my mother Jeanie my heroine

a woman who is loving

my mother is why I do not fear men,

she who taught me to be a questioner

not be a follower

her going without winter coats to keep us warm

teaching me to love myself

truly see my inner beauty

her acceptance of me is

why I write

why I love books

why I love poetry and fiction

why I believe that women should always have their own

she taught me to me to pursue my dreams

when no one else believed

she believed me to be on the path towards my calling

that is sisterhood

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This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International License.

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