Yes, I did scrub my blog a bit.


Before you even ask me.

No shade, but if you were looking for a certain name to pop up in this blog, keep it moving.  You obviously have not noticed my focus moved on years ago.

I noticed someone clicked on a post from 2012 on a topic that shall remain nameless because it’s no longer an interest or research focus.  Last night I scrubbed my blog nice and clean and today I completed the process–my focus should be obvious–my writing,  Digital Humanities, Afrofuturism, intersectional feminism, African Diaspora, World cultures, Black men and Black women, Black sexualities, Black Lives Matter.  Notice I did not mention celebrity culture, and that’s for a reason, not the least of which the toxicity of celebrity culture is currently dismantling our democracy.  I’m sick of celebrities, and I say fuck celebrities and their narcissism.  Fuck Trump and Kanye/Kardasians.

I still kick it with my Irish brothers and sisters, yes, but I’ve been on the Afrofuturism path for some years now, and quite frankly, I wasted some precious years on an ultimately useless and empty project focused on a vapid, empty, has-been celebrity, and as in anything else in life you learn from your mistakes and move on, nothing to see.

Time is too short to waste on vapid, empty research projects.  Now go back and read my poetry, or go read one of my stories.  I’ve got more coming, people, and May is still early.  24 more days, and I’m just getting started.

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