(not) edge #30days #30days2018 by Cherie Ann Turpin


you living in the shadows

you demanding my trust

you see that word feminist and

your dick gets soft because

you fear rejection

you won’t be able to take me to the edge

you kept yourself limited to one definition of edge

shadow blind because

the edge is in many spaces and

not just in one space or place

no singularity of edge and

you missed that in

your eagerness to catch me off guard and

what makes you think

your vision of edge is everybody else’s edge?

you get all pissy

about expressing feelings or

you get all pissy

about limits and trigger exposure while


you are unworthy of trust when

it comes to my physical and psychological safety so

that’s not edge

that’s predatory

working on that issue

unpacking your fear of rejection by strong women

that’s edgy

that’s sexy

that’s worthy of my trust

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