like this #30days #30days2018 by Cherie Ann Turpin


“I like you better like this.”

like what?

what is “this”?


this what?

how do you define “this”?

what is this “this”?

as opposed to what?

how can I replicate “this” if I don’t know it is?

what did you see in or on me that made you like it?

and what does it mean according to you for you to like it?

what value are you placing on your like?

what exactly are you asking me to normalize when you say

“I like you better like this”?

for what purpose should I want you to “like” me like that?

how does it make you feel?

how should I feel about you liking me “like this”?

when you say “like” do you mean enjoy?

if you mean enjoy do you mean as in pleasure?

if you mean pleasure what is pleasure to you?

what is the nature of pleasure?

what is the nature of your pleasure?

what are the boundaries of your pleasure?

what gets included and excluded in your pleasure?

who gets included and excluded in your pleasure?

what pleasure do you gain from “this”?

what makes “this” “better” and what was not so liked and why?

better than what?

better than who?

better than that?

better than this?

better than like?

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