They Do Return #ww470 #30days

Version 3

Ever feel like you’ve slept a bit too long, like you’ve been missing out on what’s going on around you because you’ve overslept and you missed a meeting? or you missed a party or two because you snoozed past the hour you thought you would take before driving over to your friend’s house?  Ever feel like you were missing a day or two, or even a year?  Did you think you were a year older than you were, or a year younger, only to discover you were telling everyone the wrong age by accident?

Do you find yourself awake and driving around while everyone else is asleep, possibly losing work hours due to exhaustion from lack of sleep?

Do you wonder why you keep seeing the moon larger than normal, almost like a supermoon?

Do you find yourself trying to forget the object you saw that could not have been a plane or a helicopter–that thing that followed you as you raced towards the city?

Do you wonder why you keep seeing scratches in odd places on your flesh, or sore spots without scars or redness–just a slight tenderness?

Did you fear the sight of lightbulbs or bathroom tile as a child? Do you still take pause at the reflection of tile as you sit in your tub at night?

Are you finding yourself dreading the next late night drive on the turnpike surrounded by forests that remind you of a moment when you first noticed lost minutes or hours?

They do return.

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