“Legs: A Girlfriend Experience Story” by Cherie Ann Turpin #1 (Thirty Stories in Thirty Days)


“Legs: A Girlfriend Experience Story” by Cherie Ann Turpin #1 (Thirty Stories in Thirty Days)

When Frank first met his girlfriend doll she was still in the box with the plastic window revealing her face.  Her eyes were blinking rapidly, which let him know she was, though switched off, fully charged and ready to serve him.  Frank took a box cutter and made a long slit from the top of the cardboard to bottom, and peeled away the outer box portion, revealing styrofoam and an odd metallic odor that seemed to hover over the doll.

Frank wanted to take his time opening up his birthday present, so he pulled away the packing materials from the box as if they were tissue paper, neatly stacking them next to the box.

She was missing her legs.  Her torso was slender and she had matching arms with supple skin.  A dry cloth and solution was included in the box for the first “waking,” so as to wipe away the metallic odor that now filled the room.  But she was missing her legs.  Who would make such an obvious mistake in fulfilling the order for his first “girlfriend” doll?  Her nether regions were clearly seen, complete with a dusting of pubic hair that partially masked her slit.  Would she awaken, and would she notice she was missing her legs?  Even without them, she seemed so beautiful, but how would she help him tend to his home in such a condition?  Would she notice the omission?  Frank pulled up the TOS form on his pad and scrolled down to return policies.  He sighed, and threw the pad back on the couch.

In short, if he didn’t awaken her and simply asked for a replacement he would get a correct version of his girlfriend but it would take about six months for the shipment.  On the other hand, if he chose to flip her on he could take the doll to a local repair shop and have the legs installed, but he would have to pay for it himself and ask to be reimbursed for the repair.

Given his impatience and not thinking of the consequences of bringing an artificial life into the world without her legs in order to serve him, Frank awakened his girlfriend, who looked at him, and said “what did you do with my legs?”fe78f333488512e388e1281c30e55955

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