“Again” by Cherie Ann Turpin Story #2 (30 Stories 30 Days) #30days


by Cherie Ann Turpin Story #2

(30 Stories 30 Days) #30days


The first thing she noticed was the tickle of grass beneath her bare feet as she walked down a narrow path illuminated by the stars and moon above her.  The trees seemed to whisper as the wind flew through the lush of moist leaves.

Alone then yet again.

She was following a sound that carried through the whispering leaves in waves, not knowing what she would find, not knowing why she traveled in the middle of the night through the forest path, a path she knew to be a sign of her dreaming yet again.

What was that sound?  No instrument could be making it, nor voice–at least human or animal.


Not awake, but not quite asleep.

Aware that her body was sprawled across her bed in her house somewhere far away from this place.

But where was THIS?

The ground trembled as she walked, the dirt swirling in her wake. The sound grew as she moved deeper down the path, and the trembling began to vibrate upwards.  An opening of the forest appeared, and with it a light that suddenly blasted through the darkness.  She noticed she was no longer walking, but still moving–up.  The light surrounded her body like a thick, hot liquid and held her as she ascended upwards towards the hovering ship.


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