Happy Valentine’s Day Everyday

I feel at peace with myself right now on Valentine’s Day.

I am alone, but not lonely.

I’ve gone through all the permutations of trying to understand why I choose to be alone today, and I can honestly say that today I am happy, content, and in love with myself.

I choose myself.rose

I choose to stand by my standards of a meaningful relationship.

I choose to not settle in order to fulfill a societal insistence that women should be attached to a man in order to happy.

I am open to a loving companionship, but I do not live in desperation to be in one.

Happiness needs to already from within *before* becoming entangled with someone else.

I see the sun shining through the window and I watch joy fill my room.

I am alive.

I am in love.

I feel love.

I feel loved.

I am alone, but I am not alone.

The people I love and who love me are here with me.

I celebrate love today.

Today is always here.my selfie2 feb 2014

I love myself today.

I celebrate the sacred feast of Love in the constant Now.