Jean Baudrillard – Violence of the Virtual and Integral Reality

For those of you visiting my site for the first time seeking out where I stand on certain issues and problems with regard to popular culture, fan culture, and celebrity culture, I offer you a unique opportunity to educate yourselves and free yourselves from the bondage of fandom. Start with Baudrillard. Then go through my growing collection of Celebrity Readings on Scribd:
Good luck, and God/Goddess speed on your enlightenment.


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Jean Baudrillard – Violence of the Virtual and Integral Reality.

Why am I posting a link to this article here?  Simply put, I have been inspired today to do a bit of writing for both of my book projects.  I saw Baudrillard deliver this lecture to EGS students in Summer 2004 when I was still a part of EGS as a grad student (I was considering a second Ph.D in Media and Philosophy).  I felt this lecture was supposed to be a part of my work, but I was unsure as to how to enter this text.  It disturbed me, as it should have disturbed me.  I was unable to articulate a clear direction for my dissertation when it came time to present to our advisor, Wolfgang Schirmacher.  He directed me back to this lecture.  My response? I finished my first Ph.D from UConn in American Literature and moved…

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