“Intruder” by Cherie Ann Turpin Story #21 (30 Stories in 30 Days)


by Cherie Ann Turpin

Story #21

(30 Stories in 30 Days)


Floating in yet another night quest, I landed in a hallway entrance of a house overlooking a tree-lined lake. Seeing stairs, I walked down to a door leading to yet another hallway.  Walking through, I somehow realized that this was a secret pathway in a house that I would soon visit in my waking hours.  I knew then I was an intruder in someone else’s astral world.

Why was I here?  Who would invite me to “invade” their “house”?  I ran through an unending room covered in black and white tile, finally floating into a large bedroom empty of furniture, save for an over-sized bed covered with a shiny, crimson sheet that seemed to flutter about like a watery surface.  As I walked towards the bed it became more animated in movement.  The corner on one end of the sheet lifted back to reveal a growing mass of snakes beneath the crimson satin.

At the far end of the room stood a tall, thin shadow resembling a man who seemed to be looking outside the large window into the moonlit night.  Bare-foot and bare-chested, he wore dark pants.  When he turned to me I gasped at what seemed to be a dark shadow masking his face.  As I began to panic, he spoke through the shadow covering his face: “you must escape before they find you. I will call for you again when I am free to reveal myself.  Go.  It is not safe for us to speak here.”

Was this Michael? What world was this where his bed was filled with vipers?  Were these his enemies? Or were they his familiars, or his guardians?  Unlike my other dreams, I was unable to speak these questions here.  He shook his head as if to forbid me from trying to speak.

He silently directed me by pointing to an escape hatch in the ceiling at the end of a hallway that somehow appeared.  I turned to thank the faceless man only to find him gone from the room.    I somehow flew or climbed up through the escape hatch only to be seen from below by a woman security guard, walkie-talkie and handcuffs in hand, who barked at me to come down, and who frightened me further by saying, “You are an outsider.  Either you come down right now, or you will be in serious trouble.”  As the woman spoke, I floated up to the next floor and saw another guard bearing down on me from the far end of the level I was now standing on.

I abruptly awakened, shaking slightly from fear of being caught by the guards in my dream.  I could still hear them calling to me.  I opened my eyes and saw a dark shadow hovering over me.  Freezing momentarily, I let out a brief, panicked scream, believing for a moment that I had not escaped the dangerous figures in my dream.  It sounded less like a scream, and more like a loud “huh-a” ending with deflating tone at the tail end of my breath.

Regaining my composure, I remembered that I had requested this contact be made in the dream world, and that he’d followed me back to my home in the waking world.  How was it I could see him when I was awake?  Did Michael know he was here in astral form?  Where was his sleeping body?  He hovered over me with his facial features unmasked, and silently watched me as I blinked in the shadowy room lit only by the streetlights and moonlight outside.

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