“Red Canister” Story #19 (30 Stories in 30 Days)

Red Canister

biohazardI discovered far too late that the red material inside had a personality of its own.

I propped the canister on its side before placing it on the table because the top was being reshaped by the entity seeking to escape its metal prison.  Standing in the empty laboratory, I watched as the tall, silver canister trembled on the flat surface.  As it began to quiver it grew hot, too hot for my hands to touch without gloves.  Slipping on a pair of cloth gloves and viewing the windowed freezer standing in the corner, I quickly grabbed the canister and placed it on one of the shelves.

It grew hotter and redder.  The canister took on the color of the red material inside, and soon breached the cylinder itself.  It paused, as if waiting for me to decide whether to leave the room or stay.  I grabbed my keys, purse, and files and ran out of the building to the parking lot.  I looked up at the window, my heart skipping beats as I witnessed the windows bulging outwards, straining to contain the red entity seeking to roam the elements of Earth.  I almost stripped the gears as I backed out of the parking lot, escaping into the night.

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