Storage [Imaginary Catalog] Story #17 (30 Stories in 30 Days)

Fall 2050 Ikea Catalog, Bedroom Furniture and Storage Section:
Hyper-Dimensional Closet Storage System
80000 EUR-USD
No more dusty storage units or expensive storage fees!

No more boxes, bags, no more junky bedrooms!

A closet storage system for the chic and fashionable!  Now you can have literally four walk-in closets squeezed into one doorway!
Now you can comfortably organize your clothes for each season into each hyper-closet unit without losing precious square feet in your bedroom.  Each unit provides approximately 36 square feet, ample room to store each season’s clothing and footwear.  For those of you living in mini-studio spaces, we offer a two-unit closet storage system at a reduced price.  Each unit comes with virtual wooden shelf units and bars.
This product requires assembly by a hyperspace technician and robotic assistance.  When ordering, indicate availability and preference for teleport-delivery, as well as preferred assembly day and time.  Guaranteed to not collapse or implode for ten years (incidental insurance available and advised for wardrobes worth more than 150000 EUR-USD.

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One thought on “Storage [Imaginary Catalog] Story #17 (30 Stories in 30 Days)

  1. It is such a silly idea that it borders on brilliance. A closet that can be four closets! I read it to my wife and she says I WANT THAT! A great ad!


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