Mark Undone (Continuation of “Meet Mark”) [a fragment] Story #14 (30 Stories in 30 Days) by Cherie Ann Turpin

Mark Undone (Continuation of “Meet Mark”)
[a fragment]

Story #14 (30 Stories in 30 Days)

by Cherie Ann Turpin


Tall, dark, and willowy, she was a striking woman with almond-shaped, fierce eyes, and the walk of a thousand-year old vampire. She had the ability to blend into masses of people or shine like a neutron star at what could only be described as “her will.” Daylight delighted her, as did chocolate and strawberries. When it came to humans, she fed on something much more delicious than blood.

No one who met her could provide a clear picture of her identity, or even a clear description of her up close. She was more like a distant figure in a candid photograph with blurred, distant faces. He proved to be the exception to that rule, not that it gave him much comfort. Her rare physical presence produced a familiar, phallic hunger, but her absence cut through him like a raw, flayed sensation, a longing that could not be abated.

He could barely type out a word without recalling the first moment of hearing her low, vibrating voice as she breathed out “hello.” Months after that moment he felt as if he had been marked by her, as if he were to be later retrieved for purposes or uses unknown. A growing realization of this marking left him shaken to his core, even as he found his hands spending more time below his waist than on his keyboard as his obsession with her engulfed his psyche.

She frightened him.

She excited him.

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