Back to the AfroFuture: Help Kourtnie @WackLikeThat Fund Her Summer Internship! | Indiegogo

Back to the AfroFuture: Help Kourtnie Fund Her Summer Internship! | Indiegogo.

Back to the AfroFuture: Help Kourtnie Fund Her Summer Internship!

Kourtnie Aileru, Director:  “I have received the great opportunity to intern with the AfroFuturist Affair in Philadelphia. I am in need of support in order to actualize this opportunity.”

Short Summary

I have been granted the amazing opportunity to intern with the AfroFuturist Affair this up-coming summer. This grassroots organization utilizes an AfroFuturist framework of liberation as a mechanism for social justice. They aim to promote creative expression, education, and autonomy in partnership with local, underserved communities of color. As the summer intern my general responsibilities will surround but not be limited to communications and networking. As the first intern of the AfroFuturist Affair my position not only alleviates the work load of the Creative Director and Assistant Coordinator, but I will be offering necessary assistance for operating the organization within its fullest capacity.

I am kick-starting this campaign because I am in need of additional funding in order to sustain myself during this summer. While I am the recipient of Hampshire College’s Community Partnerships for Social Change (CPSC) Social Justice Scholars’ Award, the CPSC grant isn’t enough to cover the costs of living and transportation for a full time unpaid internship. Additionally finding a job in an unfamiliar city during the summer is not a guarantee.

About Me: I am a Nigerian and Narragansett (Native American) queer woman at Hampshire College. My concentration pursues an in-depth critical analysis of speculative fiction and media studies from the lenses of race, gender, class, and sexuality within American popular culture. In addition to my academic pursuits, community engagement activities have played an integral part in advancing my studies and interests. By way of volunteering, and internships have I been able to observe and participate in translating theory into practice.

I believe interning for the AfroFuturist affair will greatly enrich and inform my senior thesis upon returning to Hampshire for the fall. It would be a shame if I couldn’t access this amazing opportunity due to financial circumstances.

What I Need & What You Get

What I Need: I will need an additional $1000 to sustain myself during this summer. The majority of this funding will be used for medical expenses because I am a student living with a disability.

The greater portion of this amount will be used for medical expenses because I am a student. Although my student insurance covers most of my medical expenses being of lower socio-economic status makes it difficult to afford co-pays. Being able to afford co-pays this summer is integral to my performance as a summer intern for the AfroFuturist Affair.

My next major expense after co-pays is transportation, specifically purchasing a bike. Although much of my transportation costs are already covered, I need a bicycle to supplement public transportation in order to ease access to the city of Philadelphia.

The remaining balance of this funding will be used for groceries. My award covers some food expenses but only for a thread bare meal plan. A well balanced diet is important to sustaining not only my physical health but to maintain my disability. Below you will find an itemized budget of the requested funding. Please contact me if you have any questions, comments, or concerns.

What You Get: First and foremost, I would like to let all, that are willing and able to contribute, to know what I am eternally grateful. I understand that not all are able to contribute financially, but I also deeply appreciate those who are able to assist me with this campaign in other ways. As a token of my appreciation, I would like to offer perks to everyone who is able to contribute.

If I Don’t Reach My Goal: If I am unable to reach my entire goal, it still remains that all of the funds will go towards my medical expenses, and groceries.

The Impact

This project is important because I will be interning for a community grassroots organization that promotes social justice and works toward change. However, in order to do so successfully I am in need of additional funding. I know how important the activist work of the AfroFuturist affair is because of my social status and lived experience; It is my hope that you do too. Please be a part of the solution and help an individual who believes in social justice to help an organization promotes social change!

Other Ways You Can Help

I understand and recognize that not all are able to contribute, but there are other ways to help. Please spread the word about my campaign! Help with promotion is of great value and it greatly appreciated. Don’t forget to make use of the share tools to get the word out!”