Witching Hour (2) – Johanna: Story #10 (30 Stories in 30 Days)

To strangers, Johanna Stronger appeared to be a quiet, unremarkable woman in her early fifties.  Originally from North Carolina, she lived on small, comfortable house a quiet street off Branch Avenue in southeast Washington, D.C.  Her neighbors assumed her to be an early retiree from civil service employment at one of the federal agencies downtown.  alien00

In reality, Johanna did not work as a civil servant or in any of the other expected professions assumed to be within her range of training and experiences based on her social status and age as a middle-aged African-American woman: social worker, secretary, teacher, clerk, cook, or even housekeeper.  She looked and dressed like a reserved, conservative lady who spent her Sundays in church and her Wednesdays in Bible study.  Johanna never worked in her life–at least not in a traditional sense.
Some people called Johanna a natural witch, a label she resented as an agnostic.  To some she possesses a talent known as clairvoyance; to others she is a remote viewer.  She was one of many recruited by clandestine organizations as a contractor to spy on suspected terrorists on behalf of the U.S. government.  Her recruitment occurred in 2002, some years after the dismantling of The Stargate Project.

Her history of clairvoyance, however, began long before two young men in military uniform knocked on her front door one fateful afternoon to ask her to serve her country.  Her parents were also clairvoyant, with her mother also possessing the talent of telekinesis.  Working together, they quietly amassed a small fortune through various business ventures, some of which involved confidence games.  Johanna’s small but well-vested inheritance allowed her to live modestly, but without struggle.  Like her mother, her abilities went far beyond clairvoyance and like her mother she chose to hide them from those government agencies she allowed to use her talents.

By the beginning of the invasion, Johanna already knew of the busload of people who disappeared from the Megabus found on its side outside of Baltimore.  She’d “seen” it six months ago in a dream.  The invasion would soon become far too obvious to the public for the government to mask.  Time was running low for maintaining a protocol of denial as written by those who’d spent decades covering up and wiping down any and all tangible evidence of an alien presence from the American people.

The woman Johanna could “see” traveling in her tiny car towards DC would eliminate any doubts of an alien presence.  She awaited the eventual arrival of this woman she’ never seen or heard of outside her visions.  She would need help to fight not just aliens, but her own government.

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