In the Cards – Story #7 (30 stories in 30 days)

In the Cards – Story #7 (30 stories in 30 days)

by Cherie Ann Turpin

The tarot deck sat in the left corner of Cassie’s lingerie drawer for seven months untouched.  It was a used Crowley deck found at a tag sale in one of the many bins spread out on a now-defunct movie drive-in.  She bought the bright-colored cards and after staring at them for 20 minutes on her kitchen table, started shuffling them and laying out a Celtic Cross pattern on the polished wood.

The afternoon sun was still shining through the kitchen window, and brought ultraviolet rays into the room.  Two Trump cards, The Chariot and The Sun, seemed to become animated upon contact with sunshine.

Suddenly, Cassie’s cell phone began to vibrate, and she scooped it out of her purse and began talking to her mother.  Chatting about shopping, she walked into her bedroom and forgot about the Celtic layout.  As the sun retreated to the west, the small apartment grew still in the darkness.  Cassie was still talking to her mother two hours later.  She flipped on the lamp next to her bed and used her feet to throw off her flip-flops before reclining on the bed next to her laptop to play Solitaire while gossiping about a former neighbor’s new wife.

Twenty minutes later Cassie finally hung up the cell phone after her mother received a call from her sister asking about the family recipe for Japanese fruitcake.  As if prompted by the mention of cake, Cassie walked into the kitchen to grab a snack and turned on the overhead lights.  The tarot cards were still on the table, waiting for her hands to touch them again.  Instead of seeing the initial ten cards in the Celtic Cross layout, Cassie saw fifteen cards in the Thoth layout, a pattern of which she’d never tried or seen used.  When she touched The Sun card it was warm, almost hot to her fingers.

The previous owner apparently preferred the Thoth layout.renneschateau04_06

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