Untitled Story: Story #3 (30 stories in 30 days)

At 3:30 A.M. the phone vibrated near my left shoulder, buried beneath ungraded papers, crumpled tissue, and one very mangled copy of an MLA guide.

My body rippled with each wave of vibration, but it remained deep in REM sleep.  I watched my chest rise and fall as I hovered over the ceiling, wondering who would be so desperate as to disturb me in the middle of the night.

I heard the tell-tale sounds of air pushing through my slightly parted lips as I dipped my astral “head” down to see the screen of my cell phone. Michael.  I closed my eyes and rolled myself towards the window, ignoring for the moment the electric static sensation that began to flow through my “ears.” If I moved too quickly I would fall back into my body, and awaken with a dull throb behind my eyes from the sudden return. However, I kept my eyes closed, focused on “outside” the window, and felt myself melt through glass and wooden frame.

I was now above my apartment building, and I could see the roof and the street below.  The building and street below looked chalky and dull, while the trees and grass seemed to glisten with a yellowish, smoky light that hovered high above dark foliage.  The night sky was lit with stars and the voluptuous, full moon.


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