Science Fiction and Fantasy Site to check out – thanks @ebonstorm

Science Fiction and Fantasy. Okay, so Thaddeus Howze of Hubcity Blues turned me onto this super-fabulous science fiction website.  To be brief, if you are a fan of science fiction movies, novels, short stories, games, etc., and/or if you are a writer or developer, take a look at this website–and dive into the seemingly endless possibilities of engaging in great conversation and new ideas about science fiction, science fact, and of course, AFROFUTURISM!!!  Get moving, comrades! And don’t forget to give props to Thaddeus, because he’s a heavy contributor to this site!



Red Star, White Sun (7) « Hub City Blues by Thaddeus Howze @ebonstorm

Red Star, White Sun (7) « Hub City Blues.

I am addicted to this series, so I am sharing this particular episode with the hope you will also crave yet another episode.  Show Thaddeus some love and subscribe to his short story blog Hubcity Blues!

Warning: political content; but politics affects us all

I am shamelessly promoting Mark Allen’s blog post because he’s dead-on about what’s at stake for us today.

Mark Allen Editorial

This has nothing to do with words and everything to do with politics. For that, I apologize, but I hope you read it anyway.

Gov. Romney has said that the election means something at the state, local and personal level, and that we should ask ourselves what kind of America we want for our children. I agree. I think the values of the nation and our economy are much bigger than any president, but I think policy does affect our country today, our personal lives, and our future. I take the election personally.

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It’s Not The Load That Breaks You Down; It’s The Way You Carry It

It’s Not The Load That Breaks You Down; It’s The Way You Carry It.

At a future point I will provide a bit of personal context that went into my decision to do a reblog of this post by Kamilah Aisha Moon.  No, nothing like what she described, but more like the journey I took in 2010 to become much more aware of the importance of my health to my survival and the survival of my writing and research.  But first, read Moon‘s essay by clicking on the link at the beginning of my post and think about health, Black women, and Afrofuturism  When I post my response here, it will also be cross-posted in my new blog Professor’s Lounge. Yes, I am launching a blog just on academia in the very near future.