Showing Off My Beauty Just Because…or Being a Woman at an Obama Rally and Feeling Beautiful Just Because. Pick One. Or Both.

The tags all by themselves say it all.  What can I say? I’m spending my Friday showing off after a very long morning sitting in my car, then sitting in an auditorium to see the Man, POTUS himself Barack Obama.  It’s my first time.  Obama’s Rally was specifically geared to address women, especially those of us who are students, faculty, professionals, Moms, elderly, disabled, sexually active, survivors of breast cancer, those who don’t have breast cancer but who need yearly checkups along with pap smears–in other words WOMEN of all shades, social classes, backgrounds.  Women who need a real paycheck that’s not shaved off because of gender bias.  That means all of us, ladies.  Why would anyone would believe Romney/Ryan care about women, at least those women not in their families or social circle?  Both men have made it clear what they intend to do with Obamacare, Planned Parenthood, access to birth control, abortion, and equal pay for women.  If you are on the fence, and you are a woman, ask yourself this question:  just what sort of life do you want for yourself or your daughter, or your granddaughter, or your wife/partner, or your best friend as workers, wives, girlfriends, patients, survivors?  How much is your own ability to make decisions about your body worth?  How important is it for you to be paid equal wages for equal work for you and your family?

You need to ask yourself these things.  As an Afrofuturist I want to see a world emerge where women and men can exist as partners and stewards of the life that exists here on this planet.  Obama lives for the future, so I’m on board with his vision.

Where did this rally occur? GMU-Fairfax, VA, on a very fine, warm day.  As always, GMU looks fabulous, and the students are out there fighting for the health of this country.  Bravo!

Enjoy the pictures, comrades.

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