Jean Baudrillard – Violence of the Virtual and Integral Reality

Jean Baudrillard – Violence of the Virtual and Integral Reality.

Why am I posting a link to this article here?  Simply put, I have been inspired today to do a bit of writing for both of my book projects.  I saw Baudrillard deliver this lecture to EGS students in Summer 2004 when I was still a part of EGS as a grad student (I was considering a second Ph.D in Media and Philosophy).  I felt this lecture was supposed to be a part of my work, but I was unsure as to how to enter this text.  It disturbed me, as it should have disturbed me.  I was unable to articulate a clear direction for my dissertation when it came time to present to our advisor, Wolfgang Schirmacher.  He directed me back to this lecture.  My response? I finished my first Ph.D from UConn in American Literature and moved on, knowing I would someday come back to these issues raised by Baudrillard–and by Schirmacher.

It took me eight years, but it seems that I have come to that point where it all makes sense to me now.  We should be horrified at the world we have shaped, but as is, I’m writing about media, culture, images, language.  Baudrillard’s lecture makes much more sense to me now than when I was literally gasping for air high up in the mountains of Switzerland in 2004 (Saas-Fee).  In short, I get it.  More on this topic later, but I feel like I’m getting to a point where my own voice is gaining clarity.

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