Afrofuturism: Archive

Dr. Nelson’s work on Afrofuturism began in 2002 with a scholarly message board, and at some pont grew to a ground-breaking Afrofuturism Issue in Social Text (read her entire post to get access to it for $30, or at least the citation information for later retrieval at your local university library through Project MUSE). Make no mistake: my own research on Afrofuturism owes much to the work and solid ground established by Dr. Nelson and others who came before me. I am excited to see what future/s emerge as we continue to innovate and explore–and imagine. Do check out Dr. Nelson’s more recent blog entries on her current research!

I’m looking forward to my Twitter confab on Afrofuturism with students from the African American Literatures and Cultures Institute. My friend and colleague Howard Rambsy, who is a professor of English and director of the Black studies program at Southern Illinois University Edwardsville, is teaching a module on African American fiction and theory.

I will be speaking about Afrofuturism in September at Parsons: The New School for Design and will be delving into related themes in a lecture at Columbia in October. So, I took Howard’s invitation to tweet with the Institute’s students as an opportunity to reflect on the project that I started in 1998. This process has included digging out my files. (Not as fun as digging through crates or thrifting, but pleasurable still). Is an Afrofuturism archive inherently retro-futurist?

Afrofuturism started as a message board (remember those days!) with me as the list moderator…

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