“At the Edge: Talking Erotics & Afrofuturism with AfroerotiK” – Blogtalkradio show tonight at 8 pm EST

Dear Readers,

I am very happy to announce the launch of my audio show on Blogtalkradio At the Edge: An Afrofuturist Salon.  On my first episode “At the Edge: Talking Erotics & Afrofuturism with AfroerotiK” my guest will be Scottie Lowe, also known as AfroerotiK, who will be discussing erotic agency, gender, race, and technology: what does it mean to be subject of desire and an Afrofuturist/futurist? What role does internet and social media play in the negotiation, articulation, and performance of racialized and gendered bodies as artists, writers, and lovers? As citizens of the world?

My show starts tonight at 8 pm Eastern Standard Time.  Click here: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/at-the-edge-an-afrofuturist-salon/2012/06/20/at-the-edge-talking-erotics-afrofuturism-with-afroerotik

For more information about Scottie Lowe and AfroerotiK, do check out her website http://afroerotik.com/

If you would like to contact her, she is on Twitter at https://twitter.com/afroerotik and on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/scottie.lowe.afro

You may also email Scottie at fantasies@afroerotik.com