Flying Potion

Thaddeus Howze is a rising star in speculative fiction of the African Diaspora. Take a look at his latest post from his short story site Hub City Blues, and look for my interview with Thaddeus (posting date TBA).

Hub City Blues

Lamiarum Unguenta (Witches Unguent): 

“By boiling (a certain fat) in a copper vessel, they get rid of its water, thickening what is left after boiling and remains last. Then they store it, and afterwards boil it again before use: with this, they mix celery, aconite, poplar leaves and soot. Then they smear all the parts of the body, first rubbing them to make them ruddy and warm and to rarify whatever had been condensed because of cold. When the flesh is relaxed and the pores opened up, they add the fat (or the oil that is substituted for it) – so that the power of the juices can penetrate further and become stronger and more active, no doubt. And so they think that they are borne through the air on a moonlit night to banquets, music, dances and the embrace of handsome young men of their choice.” 

Giovan Battista Della…

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