‘Caribbean – Crossroads of the World’ Spans 3 Museums – NYTimes.com

‘Caribbean – Crossroads of the World’ Spans 3 Museums – NYTimes.com.


ikenbot: Saturn’s Icy Moon Dione Has Oxygen…

ikenbot: Saturn’s Icy Moon Dione Has Oxygen….

But the air is not dense enough to take off one’s spacesuit.  Yet.  How soon will we have the technological capabilities to create an artificial environment on such a planet for human colonization? We are already looking to other planets and moons for fresh water and minerals.  Sooner or later, we will explore our own solar system for the purpose of long-term colonization and growth beyond our planet.  Will it happen in our lifetime?  Only time will tell…

Who am I? A photo study…

I am a real person, flesh and blood.  I’ve noticed a certain reluctance among some bloggers to share the reality of their existence as flesh and blood people, especially among women bloggers.  To hide one’s face and body in virtual space is a political strategy, and indeed, one that speaks to the erasure of the self as a means towards assimilation and acceptance among those who name themselves the hegemony.  I exist, period.  I am a woman of African descent, and as such, I am a part of the African Diaspora.  I am an Afrofuturist.

Two photo feeds between 2010 and 2012:

Twitpic/futuristhoughts & Twitpic/drturpin